About Us

When choosing software to use in your practice, or to recommend to your clients, it's good to know that Sage Accountants' Division has the experience and knowledge to be there to support and advise you throughout the process

An Introduction to Sage Accountants' Division

Through a combination of our people, products and services, Sage can help you with the day-to-day practicalities of running your practice - whether that is ensuring compliance with tax, statutory accounting or industry-specific legislation, or keeping up with the changing technology landscape.

In addition to software for use in practice, Sage also develops a wide range of software that you can recommend to your clients to enhance their business. With one in three UK VAT-registered businesses using Sage software there's a good chance some of your clients are already using our accounts, payroll or HR software. 

By switching to Sage, you could further increase your practice efficiency and reduce your costs, by having a seamless link between your clients' business systems and your practice.

About Sage

With over 30 years' experience, and a strong emphasis on software development and support, we focus on supporting accountants in practice and their clients, by providing a wide range of products and services that help in the day-to-day running of a successful business.

Today, we have over 250 people dedicated to delivering software specifically for use in practice, including accounts production, taxation and practice management software.

Sage at Accountex 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR activity makes us a better business. It encourages us to think hard about our people and their development, our customers, our suppliers, and the communities and environment around us.

Every year we’re amazed at just how much effort our people put in to supporting our local communities and this year is no exception.

Over the past six years Sage and its people have donated over £860,000 to good causes, with over £150,000 of that in the past 12 months.

Take a look at some of the activities we've been involved with...