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We work with more than 15,000 accountancy practices in the UK. Read more to see how practice owners across the country have benefited from working with us.

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Swift-link Business Services Ltd's move to the cloud

Searching for a new pace of life and a flexibility of work, Alan Peace moved his business from office to home and started using cloud technology.

“Most of my clients were a bit apprehensive because they didn’t want extra work to do and they were worried about their data being hacked. I assured them that everything was encrypted and the integrated nature of the Sage systems meant it was easy for them to manage,” he explains.

Moore Stephens adds value and simplicity to growing businesses with Sage 50 Accounts

Moore Stephens is a top ten accounting and advisory firm, with offices throughout the UK and members across the globe. Find out how Sage 50 Accounts simplified finance and accounting processes for clients whilst minimising administrative time and costs.

Harleys, leathers & cloud accountancy

Dawn McLaughlin, founder of Dawn McLaughlin & Co, is a unique accountant leading the way in Northern Ireland. Watch this short video that outlines her unique experiences and her journey to becoming an accountant of the future.

How the cloud is changing the way accountants work

Director Steven Tuckwell, from 1st Cloud Accountants, talks to us about how his practice has benefited from embracing cloud accounting technology. He outlines how it has improved how he works with his clients and how it gives his employees the ability to work with their clients from anywhere.

Growing accountancy firm TTR Barnes counts on software support to drive their business forward

Natalie Newton, Tax Manager, TTR Barnes Ltd
“Our client portfolio is always growing which makes the payroll team extremely busy, especially during periods like payroll year end. It’s at these times we need to have robust systems and support in place, we can reply on at very short notice.”

After moving to Sage 50 Payroll Natalie added: "I wish we used Onsite Support to change our Payroll software years ago. The support we received was excellent and invaluable to our practice and has continued on the phones to this day.”

Online real-time communication is the latest buzz for Bumblebee Accountancy

Brendan Thomas, founder of Bumblebee Accountancy is passionate about making the best use of modern technology to help his clients. “The days of the client turning up with a plastic bag of receipts have gone for me,” he says, “The future is all about cloud technology.”

How we've helped an accountant move online

Steven Davies, Temple West Chartered Accountants

Director Steven Davies, from Temple West Chartered Accountants, talks to us about how working with one of our Regional Online Development Managers has helped him move his practice online.

David Allen Chartered Accountants

“The best thing about moving to an online system such as Sage One Accountant Edition is that we didn't need the client to be in their office to be able to log on remotely to their system; we could just log in whenever we wanted.

“It’s so simple to use; nothing can really go wrong with it – there are no software issues and it’s updated whenever necessary. Remaining up to date is crucial, especially with the payroll."

Paul Donno, 1 Accounts Online Limited

Paul Donno set up his online practice, 1 Accounts Online Limited, at the end of 2013, but he has been using Sage One since it was launched over three years ago.

“Sage One is pivotal to our business. Without it, we couldn't trade as an online practice. I liked it from day one, and I love the Sage One Extra product which I use for larger clients. Equally, the cashbook version is great for taking people away from Excel spreadsheets which makes everything a whole lot easier."

How JWP Creers Have Adapted to Auto Enrolment

JWP Creers is a North Yorkshire- based practice with offices in Selby and York. They have a wide range of clients; the biggest one of which they have recently guided through their Auto Enrolment staging date.

Assistant payroll manager, Leanne Talbot, said it was a challenging time: “In the first month, we had to do it manually as we didn’t get the Pensions Module in time and it was very long-winded. We had to assess over 1500 employees, but since we’ve had the module it’s been a lot quicker. Without the software, it would be extremely difficult with the larger companies to keep track of when the employees changed categories. We’d need another member of staff to do the administration side of things such as the letters and sending out the client reports. If we didn’t have the module, we might miss important deadlines and put clients at risk of non-compliance. This could result in court action and large fines.”

Composure Chartered Accountants

"Everybody is looking to use cloud software" - Carolyn Burchell from Composure Chartered Accountants tells us why she uses cloud accounting software Sage One to collaborate with her clients.

Baker Tilly Mooney Moore

Delivering payroll services is a process that is becoming increasingly stringent.

The introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) led to an overhaul in how businesses recorded payments for employees, and the upcoming staggered introduction of Auto Enrolment will put more responsibility on employers regarding staff pension schemes.

Based in Belfast, Baker Tilly Mooney Moore provides accountancy and business advisory services to clients in the SME sector. As part of the Business Services department the firm operates a large payroll bureau and has been using Sage 50 Payroll Bureau for ten years.

Tree Accountancy

A Manchester-based practice that specialises in online financial management.

Tree Accountancy champion the virtues of forward planning, as they believe their input should be more than just providing figures; they aim to be their client’s financial officer - providing guidance on specialist areas such as tax and auditing.

Client Manager, Aaron Cullen, says customers also need ideas and advice: “Forward planning is where we specialise. As much as a set of accounts is useful, they are always historic. Cash flow is key in any industry, and this is where forecasting really comes into its own.

Magee Gammon, Chartered Accountants

We are all looking for ways to connect with our clients to make their lives easier – and to identify new, potentially lucrative, revenue streams for our practice.

Offering payroll services can be a good way to extend the scope of your expertise as well as ease the burden on businesses looking for extra, paid-for support.

To be cost effective practices need a software solution that can cope with a large number of clients, while ensuring absolute confidence in results and compliance.

At Kent-based practice, Magee Gammon, subscribing to Sage Payroll has allowed them to take care of salary administration for more than 150 SME clients and helped fuel their own, ongoing expansion.

Mary Mackle & Co. Chartered Accountants

Mary Mackle, a Sage Accountant Partner, finds Sage Accountants' Club Professional Premier an invaluable support to her practice.

Drawing on her vast product and training knowledge, her company, Thyme Training (which is an integral part of Mary Mackle & Co.) recommend Sage software and offers help and advice on all aspects of Sage software ranges.

From the most basic support to the priority support provided as part of the Accountant Partner membership such as Mary's, appropriate service is an essential. Here, Mary explains what Sage support means to her practice and how it is helping others develop theirs.

Keshani & Co. Chartered Accountants

Keshani and Co was established in 1982 by brothers Mebs and Mahmood Keshani. Here, partner Mebs, reveals how adaptability has helped the business thrive and expand during the economic downturn – and talks through his own tips for future success.

The recession has been a hard time for accountants across the board and competition for new and existing business has never been tougher. As a 2-partner practice we realised that if we were going to survive, we would have to adapt. Reviewing and extending the range and quality of services we offer has helped us weather the current economic storm – and emerge stronger and more successful than we were before.

Shaw Gibbs LLP

Shaw Gibbs LLP is a large, Oxford-based practice offering a wide range of accountancy and financial services. Partner Nicola Jaques, an audit specialist who also heads up the firms Charities department, explains how communication is key for them and why their partnership with Sage is helping them move forward.

"Good communication is paramount to any company's success. It is the way we let clients know what we are doing and how we talk to staff and peers about how the business operates. As a large practice, we are always looking for new ways to communicate, and Sage now plays an increasingly significant part in this process. We look to them for help and advice in terms of marketing, and for expertise and support when it comes to things like webinars and event hosting.

Langdowns DFK

Identifying new opportunities has always been essential for promoting future growth. And when Hampshire based practice Langdowns DFK, a Sage Accountants' Club Professional Premier customer began to develop its outsourcing department 3 years ago, they realised it was a great chance to create new revenue and maximise efficiency.

Langdowns DFK has been steadily expanding its offering over the last 12 months – with the selling of Sage software forming a major part of the service.

FourM Chartered Accountants

FourM is a medium-sized chartered accountancy firm based in Dundee and Aberdeen. The firm is one of those bucking the economic trend to enjoy real, new growth after recently investing time and money in launching a tailored set of sub-companies – designed to play on the strength of their existing brand and move into the lucrative business services market. And as Partnership Manager, Alison Hart, explains the 34-strong teams innovative approach has already paid dividends. Here, she explains how – and why – they're continuing to achieve.

Alison, who has watched the business grow during her 17 years with them, says: "Meaningful innovation is something we've worked hard to encourage and develop and has been one of the reasons we've continued to thrive."

UHY Hacker Young, Chartered Accountants

Efficient working is the cornerstone on which all successful practices are built. The Nottingham office of national accountancy group, UHY Hacker Young, have acquired a reputation for offering exemplary service and expert guidance for clients, based on their close partnership with Sage.

Sarah Cleminson, Management Services and IT Support Manager at their Nottingham office, explains how and why using Sage accounts and payroll software has led to greater efficiency between them and their clients

Sarah says: "For us, it all comes back to the client – its about providing the best service we can, in terms of accounting, software and wider business services.

CS Accounting

Hard-working, cost-effective products backed up by expert support are key to practice growth. The Gateshead-based firm, CS Accounting, have witnessed first-hand the difference that smart, integrated software solutions can make.

Since signing up to Sage Taxation five years ago the small practice has been able to streamline their processing and training; enabling them to pass on enhanced levels of support to their growing client list and expand enough to take on new premises and extra staff.

Here, owner Cyd Smith, explains the role Sage have been playing in helping her business grow – and outlines why it is integral to her plans for the future.

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