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Today marks an exciting milestone as we re-launch Sage One Accountant Edition as Sage One Partner Edition.

1 June 2016

New Sage One Partner Edition for Accountants

More and more accountants are beginning to move to an easier way of working so they can benefit from real-time working and greater collaboration with their clients and Sage One Partner Edition is the solution.

The modern accountant has come a long way from the days of double entry bookkeeping in ledgers the size of great tomes. But so has the modern entrepreneur. Today’s businessmen and women are dynamic, technology-savvy individuals who are comfortable connecting with other professionals remotely without the need to meet in person.

With far-reaching regulatory changes affecting accountancy practices across the UK accountants too have needed to move with the times. So the option to work remotely offers significant benefits to both accountant and client, not just in terms of time, but also money and accuracy. Many accountants have long embraced online products like Sage One, which allows accountants and their clients to work on their accounts in real time remotely.

Elaine Clark, who founded in 2007 which is wholly cloud-based, uses Sage One for many of her clients and praises the product for its ease of use.

While Cyd Smith, who runs CS Accounting in Newcastle, adopted Sage One for many of her clients “as soon as they launched it”.

We knew [clients] would be able to cope with it. It’s very user friendly so someone who wasn’t accountancy trained could use it,” Smith says.

The re-launch of Sage One Accountant Edition as Sage One Partner Edition, will make it even easier to set up new clients on the go and introduce them to a new way of working in real time with their accountant.

With the date drawing nearer for HMRC’s planned deadline to go fully digital, accountants need to persuade clients resistant to moving on to the cloud that it is time to do so, so that any help will be greatly welcomed.

Under HMRC’s current plans in place, all small businesses will be required to report quarterly tax returns online by 2018.

One of the biggest bugbears for accountants signing up new clients is how time-consuming the initial process can be per client. One of the exciting new features of Sage One Partner Edition is that you can on-board hundreds of clients in just a few minutes using Sage’s multi-client import functionality, saving you more time to focus on business advisory services for your clients.

The new product will also furnish accountants with a bird’s eye view of all their clients in the ‘client list’ including clients’ subscribed services, who manages them and when they last logged in.

Other advantages include being able to invite colleagues to work on a client’s accounts, but only on areas specified by you. More critically for you and your clients will be the ability to produce sets of accounts and tax returns in minutes using integrated Sage One data.

And the good news is that Sage One Partner Edition is available at no extra cost to all existing members of the Sage Partner Program. Isn’t it time your clients moved online?

As Smith puts it: “One of the biggest advantages to cloud is the access to information that is up-to-date. You can keep an eye on accounts to check things remain up-to-date; track what’s happening so if you see that turnover or profit margins are falling then you can notify and advise your client in real time. It’s giving clients that added value. We are more involved so they have the benefit of a virtual FD.”

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