iXBRL Compliance

As of 1 April 2013, all final accounts and tax computations have to be produced and submitted in iXBRL format.

This affects two elements of your accountancy software: corporation tax and accounts production. Sage has been working with HMRC from the outset, to support accountancy and tax professionals in the implementation of these requirements.

iXBRL Compliance

Sage provides a full range of integrated iXBRL-enabled software solutions to provide a fast, efficient route to compliance, which is recognised by HMRC. The Sage Assisted Tagging solution will guide users through the process, with step-by-step assistance where necessary, making iXBRL compliance simple and accurate.

Meanwhile, we provide a range of resources to help accountants understand and implement iXBRL compliance, as well as helping you stay up to date with the all the latest software developments and legislation changes.

To find out more about Sage software for iXBRL compliance, call our team on 0800 092 8091.

iXBRL Downloads

We've created a range of downloadable documents to help you understand the challenges facing the industry with the introduction of iXBRL.

A Guide to the Sage Accounts Production Range

Download now

Sage Accounts Production - Feature Comparison Table

Download now

Sage Software for iXBRL Compliance

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See the software in action...

See the Sage accounts production range in action with our short introductory videos. This includes the Sage Assisted Tagging solution, which is used to produce the necessary iXBRL files.