Pension Auto Enrolment

Workplace Pensions law has changed, making it a legal obligation for employers in the UK to help more of their workers save for retirement

Employers will need to be aware of the financial impact that this will have on their business, and also the administrative requirements that must be met in fulfilling auto enrolment duties

Auto Enrolment Surgery with The Pensions Regulator

Here, Sage in association with Accounting Web, hosts an in-depth online surgery to explain how Pension Auto Enrolment is impacting businesses, and the subsequent considerations and potential opportunities for accountants.

The expert panel comprises of Robert Lovell, Deputy Editor, Accounting Web; Neil Esslemont, Head of Industry Liaison, The Pensions Regulator; and Rebecca Woodley, Head of ILT communications strategy, The Pensions Regulator.

The key information captured has been compiled into a series of essential webcasts.

Sage 50cloud Payroll: Auto Enrolment Edition

The introduction of Automatic Enrolment legislation will mean a big change to the way that employee’s pensions must be managed; and the legislation carries with it significant administrative obligations.

Sage 50cloud Payroll will make compliance with Auto Enrolment legislation as simple as possible, with new features added to help you meet Auto Enrolment obligations on behalf of your clients in minutes, not months:

Pension Centre:

  • Understand what is needed and when
  • Create of Automatic Enrolment preparation plans
  • Gain in-product access to the Sage Community for additional support and information

Improved Reporting Enablers

  • Review existing or acquiring pension arrangements
  • Forecast and prepare for additional costs of providing a workplace pension
  • Define communications to employees and get them ready for Automatic Enrolment

Find out more about Sage solutions to Auto Enrolment here.

Expert Training Your Way

Keeping up to date with the latest legislation is vital when running a business. Your clients may find the steps that need to be taken to remain compliant both confusing and at times a little daunting. When HMRC made changes to the way employees are paid through the introduction of RTI, we made sure we had software and training in place to make the process as simple as possible, and we are doing the same for Automatic Enrolment.

With this in mind, we have a variety of training options available for both your practice and your clients:

Accountant Hosted Seminars

Many SMEs are currently unaware of the impact that Auto Enrolment is set to have on their business. As trusted advisors, it is essential that you bring your clients up to speed with the changes ahead.

Delivered directly from your practice or a venue of your choice, let our auto enrolment experts guide your practice and clients through the auto enrolment journey. Our Sage auto enrolment consultants will bring your clients up to speed on the new responsibilities facing employers, with topics covered to include

  • Workforce assessment
  • Provision and auto enrolment into a qualifying scheme
  • Facilitating opting out and refunds
  • Administration and record keeping.

The aim of this seminar is to leave your practice and your clients, should you choose to invite them, feeling confident that they have a full understanding of the changes ahead.

If you would like more information on our Sage Accountant Hosted Seminars, please call 0800 092 8091 to speak to a Sage consultant.

Accountant On Demand Webinar

Small businesses are set to face the biggest change to their payroll responsibility in decades, and so it is essential that they are both fully informed and prepared for what lies ahead.

Sage ‘Accountant on demand webinars’ are now available, covering everything you need to know to get up to speed with auto enrolment. Simply select a time to suit your practice, and a Sage Auto Enrolment consultant will be available to guide you through the complexities of auto enrolment. Prepare your practice for the steps that you will need to take when managing payroll in order to comply with auto enrolment legislation.

If you would like more information on our Sage Accountant On Demand webinars, please call 0800 092 8091 to speak to a Sage consultant.

Auto Enrolment seminars for your clients

If you would prefer for your clients to attend a Sage hosted Auto Enrolment seminar, we can also deliver seminars directly to your clients. Attendees can be confident that following the seminar they will not only have a full understanding of what Auto Enrolment is but also the steps that they will need to take to prepare.

Book on behalf of your clients and receive the best price available

Benefits to your client

  • Tailored specifically towards SMEs
  • Your clients will receive a comprehensive overview of Workplace pension reform / Automatic Enrolment from a Sage expert
  • Participation in a group question and answer session
  • The opportunity for one on one chats with Sage experts
  • Your clients will leave the seminar feeling reassured and confident that they are ready for Auto Enrolment
  • All attendees will receive a free Auto Enrolment white paper to take away

If you would like more information on our Auto Enrolment seminars for your clients, please call 0800 092 8091 to speak to a Sage consultant.

What is Auto Enrolment?
Business clinic: Pension Auto Enrolment

As part of a recent series of business clinics, held in association with economia, Paul Tooth, Sage, John Harding, PwC and Simon Alsop, ICAEW, consider how well prepared businesses are for Auto Enrolment. 

Book your place today

For more information about our Sage Auto Enrolment training options, please call 0800 092 8091 to speak to a Sage consultant.

Guide to Auto Enrolment from the CIPP

The CIPP have compiled this introduction to Auto Enrolment for Accountants and their clients.

Download now

The Sage Guide to Auto Enrolment

A clear outline of the steps employers will need to take to comply with the law including getting to grips with the various 'staging dates' and being clear on employer contribution, opt out and postponement requirements.

Download now

Email Template for Seminars

Download our Auto Enrolment Seminar template to invite your clients along to your Sage hosted seminar.

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Auto Enrolment Fact Sheet

In the third part of a new series of economia Business Clinics sponsored by Sage, we take a closer look at the impact Auto Enrolment will have on SMEs.

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Where is the Industry now?

The Department for Work and Pensions has carried out some research to understand where the industry is as of August 2013, what have they found?

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