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If you're currently:

  • Outsourcing payroll for your clients
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  • Not getting what you need from your current software
It may be time to consider a change?

Taking care of Automatic Enrolment

With 1.8 million of businesses reaching their Automatic Enrolment staging date by 2018, Automatic Enrolment offers up a significant opportunity for your practice.

Sage 50cloud Payroll will make compliance with Automatic Enrolment legislation as simple as possible, with new features added to help you meet Automatic Enrolment obligations on behalf of your clients in minutes, not months.

Keeping up to date with the latest legislation is vital when running a business. Your clients may find the steps that need to be taken to remain compliant both confusing and at times a little daunting.

The Pensions Module

Simply unlocking The Pensions Module within your Sage 50cloud Payroll software will eliminate the burden of Automatic Enrolment by automating time-consuming, obligatory processes.

The Pensions Module will:

  • Automatically assess your clients' workforce

  • Direct communication with the Pension provider (Pension Data Exchange)
  • Automatically manage pensions data and payments
  • Automate mandatory employee communications in accordance with legislation

What's new in Sage 50cloud Payroll?

Download our What's New in Sage 50cloud Payroll Brochure to find out more about the new features included in the latest release of Sage 50cloud Payroll.

Improved Control

  • Better variance and exceptions reporting
  • Drill down into calculations - allowing you to view a breakdown of an employees' year to date values without running a report
  • Immediately identify where manual amendments have been made
  • Reduce errors with software that automatically identifies discrepancies

Pension Centre

  • Understand what is needed and when
  • Create of Automatic Enrolment preparation plans
  • Gain in-product access to the Sage Community for additional support and information

Improved Reporting Enablers

  • Review existing or acquiring pension arrangements
  • Forecast and prepare for additional costs of providing a workplace pension
  • Define communications to employees and get them ready for Automatic Enrolment

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