Work 5x faster with new Sage One Bank Feeds

Sage One now available with bank feeds

Bank feeds are a quick and simple way for you to import your clients’ transactions and can reduce the time you spend on manual data entry by up to 80%. You’ve asked for them, so we’ve delivered.

What are bank feeds?

Bank feeds work by linking your client’s bank account directly to their Sage One service so that their banking transactions are automatically imported.

It’s possible to download transactions up to 90 days prior to the current date. Then, it’s a simple process of matching lines to existing entries, or creating new transactions.

The more transactions imported, the easier it becomes to use. The software will begin to recognise similar transactions and will pre-empt and pre-populate those details so that bookkeeping will become a validation rather than a data entry process.

This means it will streamline the bank reconciliation process for your Sage One clients, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on running your practice and winning new clients.

The benefits of bank feeds

Accountants have been telling us for years about how frustrating it is to have a client drop a bag of receipts on their desk at the beginning of January.

With bank feeds this will be a thing of the past, you will be able to import transactions through bank feeds on your clients behalf at the click of a button.

So now is a perfect time to move your clients online with Sage One and experience the benefits of bank feeds.

Bank feeds provides improved accuracy because the details of your clients transactions will automatically be imported from your bank. This means there is less opportunity for mistakes.

Bank feeds eliminate manual entry and intuitively classify your transactions, so you can reduce the time you spend manually entering your clients data by up to 80%.

Bank feeds provide you with real-time bank information to give you a real-time snapshot of the cash position in the bank and the balances in Sage One, allowing you to see the difference immediately.

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