Sage Accountants' Business Cloud

Email marketing, tailored for accountants

Accountants Business Cloud is an online marketing suite that will let you create, send and measure email marketing campaigns – with only a few clicks of a mouse.

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With free access for members of Sage Accountants' Network or Club - Sage Accountants Business Cloud offers you:

  • Your own dedicated marketing team – including designers, data analysts and compliance experts
  • Access pre-loaded marketing campaigns, ready to send to any audience you like
  • Enjoy real-time reporting and powerful analytics
  • Reduce your marketing costs
  • Greater targeting with a simple-to-use CRM system
  • Create your own bespoke campaigns and newsletters

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Using Accountants Business Cloud is easy.

Watch the video for a quick step by step guide, giving you an overview of ABC as well walking you through just some of the features.

Discover the power of Email Marketing

Take a look at our guide to Email Marketing for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

What our customers say

We tested an early version of Accountants Business Cloud with customers. Hear from them how they found it.

Ryans' ABC Story

Martin Smith from Ryans found many uses for campaigns to communicate various information to clients. Ryans also liked the provided templates from our in-house designers.

Trax UK's ABC Story

Barry Snashall from Trax UK says the crucial part of ABC is the reporting, and found using ABC as a way of engaging with clients about a whole host of subjects very quickly and easily.

Training Videos & User Guides

We've created a range of training videos and PDF user guides to help introduce the features of Sage ABC.

Take your first steps into online marketing and contact us at if you have any problems.