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Our corporation tax package lets you quickly and efficiently produce corporation tax calculations and CT600 forms for your clients – in-line with HMRC's online filing system. It supports any client, whatever their size or complexity.

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Validating iXBRL Accounts

Where iXBRL accounts are attached in the online filing wizard, they will be validated against the relevant accounts taxonomy.

This includes cross validation of the Company Registration Number (CRN) in the accounts (if the CRN is present) with the CRN in the CT600.

Note: The AutoUpdate issued in February 2012 for Sage Corporation Tax v6.01 defaults the automatic accounts validation to ‘off’. This will be switched back to ‘on’ in v7.00.

There is also a new Validate Accounts option in the E-filing menu in Sage Corporation Tax v6.01, allowing you to validate iXBRL accounts independently of the computation.

You will need to browse for the accounts file to be validated. It includes:

• Validating the accounts iXBRL against the iXBRL schemas

• Validating that the iXBRL document can be successfully transformed to iXBRL

• Validating the iXBRL document against the relevant accounts taxonomy (e.g. UK GAAP, IFRS etc.)

Top Tip by Saejal Deva, Technical Support for Sage Taxation